SAP Calculations

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the methodology required by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of dwellings. Its purpose is to provide accurate and reliable assessments of dwelling energy performances that are needed to underpin UK energy and environmental policy initiatives.

SAP works by assessing how much energy a dwelling will consume and how much carbon dioxide (CO2) will be emitted in delivering a defined level of comfort and service provision, based on standardised occupancy conditions. This enables a like-for-like comparison of dwelling performance.

SAP is a Government approved calculation that is required to demonstrate compliance with Part L1A & L1B of the Building Regulations. It is a calculation of the energy performance of a dwelling and is required for all new homes. It is also an acceptable methodology when adding highly glazed extensions or un-separated conservatories.

There are 2 stages to the SAP assessment process:

Stage 1 – the ‘Design’ stage – must be calculated and submitted to the relevant Building Control Officer (BCO) or your Approved Inspector (AI) at the point when you make your Building Control Application.

Stage 2 – the ‘As-built’ stage – comes into force when the build is completed. A ‘pass’ certificate must be produced for presentation to your BCO or AI. Any changes that were made to the build specification must be incorporated in the “As Built” assessment. Your final On Construction EPC will be based on the information confirmed at this stage.

All you need to do is provide us with scale drawings, building, heating, hot water, ventilation and lighting specifications and we can do the rest for you.

Part G Building Regulations Water consumption calculations

The Government updated Part G of the Building Regulations in April 2010. This sets a whole building standard of 125 litres per person per day for domestic buildings. This will be specified using the methodology set out in the ‘Water Efficiency Calculator for New Dwellings’ also used for the Code for Sustainable Homes where even tougher standards have to be demonstrated – down to 80 litres at Code 5/6.

If you are building a new home, you must ensure that it will have a predicted water consumption of less than 125 litres/person/day using the methodology outlined in the ‘Water Efficiency Calculator for New Dwellings’ in compliance with 17.K

Active Energy can complete this calculation for you normally within a few days of receiving your drawings and details of all the proposed water fittings. The results of this calculation will have an effect on your SAP Calculations and could affect your Energy Performance Certificate rating.